SEPAC Leadership Training

MassPAC Home SEPAC Summer School FCSN Networking Series SEPAC Networking Series APPLE Listserv and Facebook A SEPAC needs a few interested parents to take the lead in getting a group organized. Consider stepping up to the plate and running for a SEPAC position or ask a friendRead more

PTIC Workshop Request Form

Host Contact Info:*If you are a school employee requesting on behalf of a SEPAC, please include a second contact from the SEPAC in the field provided below. First Last Daytime Phone*For contact purposes only. Information will not be shared publicly.Evening Phone:*For contact purposes only. Information will notRead more

Basic Rights Workshop – SEPACs

Massachusetts regulations require school districts to conduct, in cooperation with the SEPAC, at least one workshop annually on the rights of students and their parents under state and federal special education laws. MassPAC PLUS members receive a free Basic Rights workshop New FCSN Basic Rights Special Education

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SEPAC Officer Update Form

Update your SEPAC Officer information here:  Please note this form is NOT a replacement for the Membership Application but for Changes/Updates to SEPAC Officer Roles.

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MassPAC Membership

MassPAC Home Increase Family Engagement in your District this year! MassPAC membership offers support to both Districts and SEPACs as they organize their local Special Education Parent Advisory Councils.  The MassPAC annual membership follows the school district year – from July 1 through June 30.  MassPAC offersRead more

SEPAC Forms and Templates

MassPAC Home MassPAC is working on customizable forms and templates to help SEPACs and Districts by providing simple language for local materials.  SEPACs and Districts can also search online as many SEPACs share their by-laws, mission statements and surveys on their websites. By-laws Brochures Meeting Agenda MinutesRead more

Annual Calendar/Meetings

MassPAC Home SEPAC Basic Toolkit   Have a Plan SEPACs with a formal calendar find that parents are better able to plan to attend meetings, events and workshops with advance notice. Getting the membership together on a regular basis also helps to create a group identity, provideRead more