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MA Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative (MAICEI)

Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative (MAICEI) Programs offer a fully inclusive college experience for students with documented intellectual, developmental disabilities and autism to learn alongside their non-disabled peers.   In a MAICEI program students enroll in undergraduate courses, engage in social activities with their peer mentors, access campus events/resources, and participate in volunteer opportunities across several campus departments. 

MAICEI centers around a fully inclusive college experience with full use of all campus services.  Each student has an academic support/education coach to assist in the classroom and social support/peer mentors to assist with social activities.  Students will also receive support with independent living skills, time management skills, navigation skills, and while having opportunities to participate in internships for career focus.   

Students typically age out of MAICEI at age 22, but eligibility has been extended to include students who have now aged out of special education and were born between March 10, 1998 and September 1, 2001.

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MAICEI: Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative

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Dennis Baker, FCSN or (617) 236-7210 x335.


Mary Price, Director of MAICEI
(617) 994-6905

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Sean attended the MAICEI program at Bridgewater State University in 2017Sean had not passed his MCAS and did not have his diploma when he started, therefore meeting the criteria for a MAICEI student.  While attending MAICI, Sean was particularly interested in communication studiesAt the time, the Career Specialist for MAICEI helped Sean get a job at the campus radio stationSean learned quickly and loved his jobEventually Sean earned the privilege of landing his own segment and had a morning show!  Sean enjoyed his internship so much that he aspired to receive a degree in communication studiesIt took a lot of effort, but Sean passed his MCAS, received his high school diploma and then went on to apply to BSU as a transfer studentSean graduated from BSU in the spring of 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in communication.  


Jessica attended BSU’s MAICEI program while she was in a transition program at Brockton High SchoolJessica hadn’t passed the MCAS nor received her high school diplomaAlthough Jessica did not pass MCAS, she was a great student in the MAICEI program at BSUJessica enjoyed the early childhood classes at BSU and took many while she was in the program.  When Jessica finished the MAICEI program at BSU, she went on to obtain her early education and care certificate, using her experience in MAICEI to help her obtain itJessica is employed at a local daycare center as a teacher’s assistant and loves her job working with young children. 


Michael attended the MAICEI Program at Bridgewater State University in 2017He started with the program and took courses for audit; he was doing well with his class work and decided to take courses for credit; he passed the courses and received college credits.   Michael was also one of the first students in MAICEI to live in the residence halls as part of the MAICEI Residential Life ProgramWhen Michael began, he had not passed the MCAS exams and was in the transition program at his respective high schoolWhile attending MAICEI, Michael received tutoring at BSU’s academic achievement center as his goal was to receive his diplomaMichael passed his MCAS exams and received his high school diploma. He then applied as a transfer student to BSU and was acceptedMichael graduated in the spring of 2023 with his bachelor’s degree in psychology.  During his time as a student at BSU he wanted to give back to the program that helped him succeed, he was a peer mentor for the MAICEI program where he would introduce MAICEI students to events on campus.  


Gina’s family was in search of an inclusive higher education program for students with intellectual disabilitiesAt the time of their search, Gina’s family resided in FloridaWhen they came upon the MAICEI program at BSU, they decided to come and meet with the MAICEI staff to discuss her options. They took a tour of the campus and decided this would be great for GinaBecause students needed to be attending a district that partnered with BSU, her family relocated to Massachusetts and settled in a town on the south shore that had an established partnership with BSU.  Gina was accepted into the MAICEI program, she lived on campus as part of the residence life program and took classes in elementary education.  Gina never received her high school diploma, nor did she pass the MCASHowever,  she excelled on campus and thrived in her coursesGina is now an elementary teacher assistant in the Quincy Public Schools in Massachusetts. 

DDS, Department of Developmental Services
MCB, Massachusetts Commission for the Blind
MRC, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

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