Pandemic-Related Transition Services:

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission  (MRC) provides services that focus on training and employment, community living, and disability determination for federal benefit programs. Adults who qualify for MRC services may be eligible for extra support, based on your birth date (and when you aged out of special education services).

Depending on where you live, one of two options may be available for you. 

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation Program helps job seekers with disabilities obtain and maintain a job. Vocational rehabilitation helps people with physical, cognitive, intellectual or mental health conditions manage the modern workplace. Services could include:  

  • Vocational Counseling and Guidance  
  • Training/Educational opportunities leading to employment.  
  • Job Placement Assistance  
  • Benefits Counseling  
  • Participation in Youth Leadership Forum  

NextGen Careers

NextGen Careers is a new initiative that helps young adults fast-track their career journey.   

NextGen-ers are young adults with disabilities, 18-30, who want to make a change in their life. NextGen-ers will learn to advocate for themselves, gain self-confidence, and become self-sufficient on their career path.   NextGen Services could include:  

  • Learning, development, and mentoring in the areas of self-capacity, self-advocacy, self-realization, and self -sufficiency  
  • Access to an Integrated Resource Team to provide wraparound support for employment goals  
  • Development of a Career Focused Portfolio  
  • Peer mentorship and Family Partnership  
  • Internships and Apprenticeship opportunities in STEM fields  
  • Benefits Counseling and Job Placement Assistance  

NextGen services are tailored to each NextGener. For example, a group of NextGeners wanted to learn more about technology.  The NextGen program connected with a local Community College and created the training for the NextGener group.

MRC: Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission

Reach out to the Federation for help understanding your options, and to connect with the right MRC program. 

Contact Information

Dennis Baker or (617) 236-7210 x335.

General questions and inquiries 

What People are Saying About MRC Transition Services

One NextGen mom happily shared that for a long time her young adult son refused to discuss anything about “Vocational Rehabilitation” with her or anyone else. The NextGen Peer Mentor and Family Partner invited them to meet at a local coffee shop. Mom met with the Family Partner while the prospective NextGener had the chance to speak one-on-one to the Peer Mentor, someone his own age and with similar experience. From this conversation, the young man agreed to join the NextGen program.

One of the things that’s really great about NextGen is that it can create individualized trainings for each NextGener.  Recently, there was a group of NextGeners who wanted to learn more about technology.  The NextGen program reached out a local Community College and created the training for the NextGener group.

MAICEI: Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative
DDS: Department of Developmental Services
MCB: Massachusetts Commission for the Blind
MRC: Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
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