RTSC Online Orientation Training 03/28/2024

Online Event

Become a Special Education Decision-Maker for a Child in State Custody Volunteers, known as Special Education Surrogate Parents (SESPs), serve as appointed educational special decision-makers for students in  the custody of the Department of Children and Families (DCF). SESP volunteers have the legal authority of a parent or


Estrategias para la reunión del IEP/PEI

Serie de talleres sobre derechos básicos Esta serie es una introducción a las leyes y procedimientos de la educación especial, al documento del Programa de Educación Individualizada (PEI) y a la planificación que se lleva a cabo cuando un alumno alcanza la edad adulta. Jueves, Marzo 14,

Basic Rights: Understanding the IEP

Host: Kipp Academy Boston Charter School This presentation was developed to help families gain a deeper understanding of the current IEP document. We will talk about why it is important, how it is developed and the different sections of the document. Further discussion will focus on what

Basic Rights: Evaluation and Eligibility

Host: Erving School Union #28 This presentation is a comprehensive introduction into special education laws and procedures. We will delve into the purpose of the law, referrals, evaluations, and the team meeting process including determining eligibility.  Further discussion will focus on services, placement, and what to do

Turning 3 Essentials

Host: Thom Charles River Early Intervention Explains the differences between early intervention and special education, the transition planning conference, the special education procedures including referral, evaluation, the Team meeting, eligibility determination, services, goals, placement, response options, and parent’s procedural due process rights for resolving disputes. Please sign