MassPAC Membership

MassPAC Membership supports Family Engagement in your District ! MassPAC membership offers support to both Districts and SEPACs as they organize their local Special Education Parent Advisory Councils.  The MassPAC annual membership follows the school district year – from July 1 through June 30.  MassPAC offers one

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SEPAC Forms and Templates

MassPAC Home MassPAC has some sample forms and templates to help SEPACs and Districts set up their SEPAC. Many SEPACs will share their documents so you do not have to start at the beginning.  You can also search online as many SEPACs post their by-laws, mission statementsRead more

Annual Calendar/Meetings

MassPAC Home SEPAC Basic Toolkit Have a Plan SEPACs with a formal calendar find that parents are better able to plan to attend meetings, events and workshops with advance notice. Getting the membership together on a regular basis also helps to create a group identity, provide aRead more


MassPAC Home SEPAC Basic Toolkit SEPACs may need a source of funds to pay for speakers, print brochures and flyers and plan activities.  The officers should develop an annual budget along with their calendar of activities. A school district or School Committee may commit funds to supportRead more

Building Membership

MassPAC Home SEPAC Basic Toolkit   How to Grow Your SEPACWho Can Be a SEPAC MemberHow to Recruit New MembersVolunteer RolesSchool LiaisonsSEPAC SubCommitteesBuilding Intercultural CommunitiesSupport GroupsResource Library How to Grow Your SEPAC A successful SEPAC is the best publicity – people like to belong to active groupsRead more

Public Records Law

MassPAC HomeSEPAC Basic Toolkit SEPACs no longer have to comply with the MA Public Records Law, but SEPACs can follow best practices, ie., posting meeting notices or agendas and maintaining minutes to inform members. The Massachusetts Public Records Law provides that every person has a right toRead more


MassPAC Home SEPAC Basic Toolkit Resource Fairs Community and Disability Awareness Events   SEPACs need to become experts in networking – building and maintaining relationships within their communities. Ways to Get the Message Out The SEPAC will not have access to the list of students receiving specialRead more

Resource Fairs

MassPAC Home SEPAC Basic Toolkit   Many SEPACs host community resource fairs to help families connect to local special education resources. These resource fairs can be local or regional (a collaborative project among several school districts).  These can also be fun events with activities for children (faceRead more

Community and Disability Awareness Events

MassPAC Home SEPAC Basic Toolkit   Community and Disability Awareness Events Hosting or co-hosting community events are a fun way to “advertise” the SEPAC and meet new members: Partner with the district pre-school program to organize a “coffee” for parents to provide them with information about theRead more

Open Meeting Law

MassPAC Home SEPAC Basic Toolkit A Change with respect to following the Open Meeting Law For many years, MassPAC had been advocating that the MA Open Meeting Law should not govern SEPAC activities.  SEPACs have an open and undetermined membership (open to all interested parties) and areRead more