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Optional internships are available to those who complete the PCTI and wish to further develop their skills. The Information Center Internship&nbsp;includes training on the following topics:
<li>Interview skills</li>
<li>Issue identification</li>
<li>Documentation of calls</li>
<li>Dealing with challenging calls</li>
<li>Orientation to our Information Center intake system</li>
Interns are scheduled to provide 25 hours of assistance and learning in our Information Center.

The <em>Pro Bono</em> Internship, available to most participants who complete the Information Center Internship, provides an opportunity to practice the following skills:
<li>Reviewing IEPs and related documentation</li>
<li>Working directly with parents to help them determine their child’s needs at school</li>
<li>Assisting parents in communicating those needs effectively</li>
<li>Documenting work done with parents</li>
<em>Pro Bono</em> Interns are assigned to provide 25 hours of free special education advocacy to parents. Interns are mentored by Federation staff.

Participants who complete both PCTI Internships receive a Certificate of Completion.&nbsp;Some professionals have been granted Professional Development Points (PDP) from their school districts. Participants must pursue this request directly with their school district.


<strong>February 10, 2021 Update</strong>

As a result of the current pandemic, the Federation has placed our internship temporarily on hold.<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> Additional details about upcoming internships are forthcoming. Please contact Sara Niño with questions about FCSN internships and training opportunities (sniño@fcsn.org).</span>