In Massachusetts, school districts are required by law to have a special education parent advisory council (SEPAC). SEPACs, as advisers to the school committee, play a key role in the planning, development, and evaluation of a district’s special education programs. Families of students with disabilities have

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MassPAC Listserv and Facebook Group

MassPAC SEPAC leaders are invited to join the SEPAC conversation and network with other SEPACs. LISTSERV: A popular MassPAC resource is our Google Group with over 1,000 active members.  This forum provides SEPAC officers with access to the statewide    conversation about how to effectively run aRead more

What is a SEPAC?

A SEPAC is a Special Education Parent Advisory Council. Every public school district in Massachusetts is required to establish a SEPAC. Massachusetts state law assigns both an advisory and participatory function to SEPACs. Membership is open to all district parents of children with disabilities (IEPs and 504 plans) and other interested parties. Duties shall

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SEPAC Summer School

MassPAC Home What started during COVID has led to an annual summer fun event - SEPAC Summer School!  The FREE series of zoom conversations will run for 6 weeks on Tuesday evenings from 7-8 PM. SEPAC Summer School returns for our 5th Season! This summer we willRead more

SEPAC Leadership Training

MassPAC Home SEPAC Summer School FCSN Networking Series SEPAC Networking Series APPLE Listserv and Facebook A SEPAC needs a few interested parents to take the lead in getting a parent group organized. Consider stepping up to the plate and running for a SEPAC position or ask aRead more

Basic Rights Workshop – SEPACs

MassPAC HomeHow to Schedule and Host a FCSN/PTIC WorkshopPTIC Workshop Request Form Massachusetts regulations require school districts to conduct, in cooperation with the SEPAC, at least one workshop annually on the rights of students and their parents under state and federal special education laws. MassPAC members receiveRead more

Trauma Trainings

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, childhood trauma is defined as: “The experience of an event by a child that is emotionally painful or distressful, which often results in lasting mental and physical effects.” Just under half (45 percent) of children in the United States

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Family Advisory Committee

Pathways Home Family Advisory Committee (FAC) The Federation's Pathways for Parents Coordinator is a member of the Department for Children and Families’ Family Advisory Committee (FAC), which advises the DCF commissioner’s office. FAC is a statewide group of community representatives who have experience with DCF, including parents,Read more

Family Resource Center and Community Connections

Pathways Home Community Connections The Community Connections Coalitions are networks of local leaders and providers who create awareness around the needs of families in their communities by hosting events, forums, and trainings for parents. The Pathways program participates in statewide meetings of the coalition and serves asRead more

Community Living & Adult Systems – REAL

Community Living & Adult Systems – REAL
Youth Development and Leadership If you are a youth with a disability who is looking for some good information on how to prepare for life after high school you have come to the right page!! Use the Guideposts for Success work plan to think through your transition plan! NotRead more