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Self-Advocacy: Social Supports

Online Event

Register Today This workshop focuses on encouraging social growth and the development of resilient constructive relationships for young adults. Presented by: Jacob Rivas, Transition Coordinator, The Federation for Children with Special Needs. To register: use the registration link above or scan the QR code.  


Basic Rights: Understanding the IEP

Host: Wachusett Regional School District This presentation was developed to help families gain a deeper understanding of the IEP document. We will talk about why it is important, how it is developed and the different sections of the document. Further discussion will focus on what types of

CANCELLED Bullying: What Parents Need to Know

This workshop has been cancelled. Host: Northampton Public Schools Our new presentation addresses what a bully is; the school’s legal obligation to prevent and address bullying; some strategies and tools for dealing with bullying; and how to address bullying in the IEP. We welcome both parents and

Basic Rights: Evaluation and Eligibility

Host: Westford Public Schools This presentation is a comprehensive introduction into special education laws and procedures. We will delve into the purpose of the law, referrals, evaluations, and the team meeting process including determining eligibility.  Further discussion will focus on services, placement, and what to do when

Basic Rights: Transition Planning

Host: Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School District This presentation addresses the planning involved when a student is of transition age. The importance of planning, the roles of both parent/guardian and student and the student’s post-secondary vision. We will discuss how to prepare for the transition planning meeting, the age