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Career & Technical Education: What Families Need to Know
Feedback from Language-Diverse Families

In February 2022, The SOFE Project hosted formal sessions in six languages, presenting key concepts, graphics, and terminology used in family-facing resource materials developed in part through this project. It also included a walk-through of two online tools: DESE Family Portal and the Massachusetts School Finder. Finally, we shared shared content developed by the SOFE project for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website. All of these resources are human-translated, with updates and enhancements developed in response to parent/caregiver concerns shared through the SOFE Project.

Read our March 2022 Report

Prior to our latest report, the SOFE project conducted multi-language surveys, focus groups and interviews in October. These sessions sought to establish baseline data related to knowledge of Career and Technical Education, and to solicit input into messaging and information channels for increasing awareness. These sessions also sought feedback and suggestions to enhance the Massachusetts School Finder.  The full October 2021 report can be read here along with family-friendly, translated summaries of the content.